Leaf Detective


Leaf Detective

We're excited to announce that Leaf Detective is now part of the Evio Labs family and we've relocated our lab to:

  • 205 7th St. Ste A
  • Eureka, CA 95501
  • phone: 707-599-1998
  • e: humboldt@eviolabs.com


Leaf Detective specializes in analytical laboratory testing for medical marijuana dispensaries, cannabis manufacturers, producers and consumers. Our services include cannabinoid profiling, microbial, residual solvent and pesticide testing for flower, trim, and all forms of concentrates including rosin, kief and shatter. We welcome you to step into our lab where we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our customers by providing superior customer service.

Check out our services today!

If you have any questions,
please contact us at (707) 599-1998

EVIO's California Labs:

  • Humboldt (205 7th St, Eureka)
  • Berkeley (1200 Fifth St, Berkeley)
  • Los Angeles - coming soon!
  • Palm Desert - coming soon!
  • Costa Mesa - coming soon!
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